McDowell County Comission
West Virginia
Employees of McDowell County Commission, receive a wide variety of financial and personal job benefits. The benefits package includes all financial rewards that are generally not paid directly to the employee. These benefits are a significant part of employee "total compensation". Below is a brief summary of the highly competitive benefits which are available. The benefits listed apply to most permanent, full-time employees appointed to merit system classified jobs. 

Salary and Wages
  • Employees are paid twice a month. We do offer direct deposit.  Base salary ranges are based on job classification. Promotion Opportunities - There are many opportunities to compete for transfer or promotional appointment. Employees may bid on jobs within their own agency.Top

Medical Insurance 
  • The state offers a comprehensive indemnity health insurance plan which includes benefits for hospital, surgical, major medical, prescription drug, and other medical expenses. The state also offers medical insurance through a variety of Plans. The County pays the a portion of the insurance premium. Employee paid premiums for health insurance vary by salary. Optional group dental plans are also available.Top

Life Insurance 
  • The county provides a $10,000 decreasing term life policy with accidental death and dismemberment benefits. Additional group rate insurance is available.Top

Retirement Plan
  • The County offers an outstanding defined benefit pension plan. The Plan provides qualifying employees with a lifetime benefit in the years after their County service ends. Active employees with five or more years of contributing service , are eligible for full retirement benefits at age 60, OR whether employed or not when the employee's age plus years of contributing service are equal to or greater than 80, with a minimum age of 55. Each employee contributes 4.5% of salary to the retirement system (tax-deferred). Top 

Annual Increment Pay
  • Employees with 1 or more years of qualifying service receive annual increment pay in recognition of the value of their past and present service. The annual increment is $10 for each full year of qualifying service, and is paid monthly starting in January. The total amount an employee can receive is $50.00 a month.Top 

  • The County offers 12 paid holidays in each year. The number of paid holidays is above the national average for both public and private sector employees.Top

  • County employees receive a generous amount of annual or vacation leave based on length of service. The amount of leave an employee may carry forward to the next year also varies by years of service.Top


  • Military Leave - State employees who are members of the National Guard or the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible for paid military leave.Top

Paid Sick Leave 
  • The state offers an outstanding paid leave benefit in the event of employee illness or injury. All full-time classified employees earn paid sick leave at a rate of hours equal to 1.5 days each month. This is equivalent to 18 paid days per year. There is no limit to the amount of sick leave an employee can accumulate year to year. Sick leave may also be used for death in the immediate family or for immediate family illnesses/injuries and medical appointments. 
  • Family Medical Leave - The federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the WV Parental Leave Act provide for up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off work during specific family/medical-related situations.Top

Leave Donation Program 
  • This program allows employees to voluntarily donate accrued annual leave to a designated fellow employee who is suffering an extended medical emergency.      Top 

Training, and Developmental Opportunities 
  • As a large and diverse organization, County government offer employees many opportunities for advanced training and education. Formal in-house training classes include basic job skills, communications skills, supervision/leadership, computers, and information technology. Many agencies operate in a work team environment. This allows significant employee flexibility in developing new skills, trying new work methods, and controlling project outcomes.Top

A Great Place to Live and Work 
  • Long-time employees of County government know and appreciate the exceptional quality of life in the "Mountain State". We offer challenging jobs with competitive benefits. But most of all, we offer opportunity. The opportunity to further your career, meet your personal goals, and make a real difference in peoples lives. Top

Service Category

Accrual Rate

Carry-forward Maximum

Less than 5 years

1.25 days/mo = 15 days/year

30 days

5 years, less than 10

1.50 days/mo = 18 days/year

30 days

10 years, less than 15

1.75 days/mo = 21 days/year

35 days

15 years or more

2.00 days/mo = 24 days/year

40 days